AliceCode - the way for girls to learn tech skills

What do girls learn?

The project ordains the girls during a 4-5 year period to be software practical engineers with a Microsoft certificate with an emphasis on acquiring analysis and algorithmic problem solution abilities, experiencing a varied range of programming languages, while experiencing project oriented studies and competitions (apps, games, etc.)

Is it like a computer after school class?

Our project is a social project that provides values of teamwork, creativity, initiative, leadership, expressive abilities and other social and personal skills which are needed in the modern world.

Why only girls?

According to The Ministry of Finance’s figures in Israel, sharp shortage of IT professionals is increasing, but only one quarter of the core positions in High Tech companies are filled by women, due to teenage girls choosing less science HiTech oriented professions. Only 31% choose to take 5 units of computer science in high schools, this figure we want to change.

How does it actually happened?

The city project includes weekly after school sessions, field trips to HiTech companies and technological sites, and technological social activities.

The studies take place in small groups with up to 10 girls, and the work is always done in couples and requires brainstorming, decision making, reasoning and persuading abilities, and teamwork.

The first two years are taught by computer science excelling high school students that were trained by an ‘Alicecode club’ regional software engineer. And the last two year are taught by a professional software engineer instructor.

The studies will take place close to residence\ school.

The cost of participating in the project is 470 NIS per year. The project is running during November-June (total of 8 months per year).

Terms for acceptance

Girls ages 9-12 


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